Energy Boosters with Soup

The hot and scrumptious soups beat the cold wave simply with its steam. Soups can be made with meat, chicken and seafood which provides the much-needed protein in the form of broth which is the main or supplementary ingredient. The vegetables, herbs and spices which contain vitamins and anti-oxidants enrich soup with its medicinal properties. In fact, soups rich with herbs and ingredients are often prescribed to patients which can cure their illness or sickness. That’s why often chicken soup and vegetable soup is given to those who have cold and flu.

Broths are generally prepared by boiling specific ingredients which can suit your soup recipes. For preparing a chicken soup, there is need to boil either the whole chicken, its bones or just parts of the chicken. Vegetables like onion, carrots, ginger, and garlic can also added into the stock for some more flavor. In the same manner beef, fish and also vegetable stocks can be prepared. Some other ingredients that can be added to the whole soup include pasta or noodles which are common Asian style soups.

Soup recipes are generally thin and quite watery. However to make them a bit richer one can try to use thick and creamy soups. Its examples are artichoke, vegan broccoli-cauliflower and pea. Nut soups are also available such as African peanut and chestnut soups.

The vegetables which can be used in soup recipes are carrots, eggplant, cauliflower, bell pepper, potato, tomato, onion and beans which help you to make perfect soup recipes. Certain ingredients out of them are seasonal while rest are available throughout the year, these soups can be made in bulk and then left to freeze.

Some may think that vegetable soup is not a substantial meal but it really is! Also, vegetable soup is a great dish to be made in bulk as it freezes so well, and can be used for quick lunch or supper. Eating great food is choice of everyone and choosing best one is very important.

Chicken noodle soup is very much popular as it is made with simple egg noodles which is its important ingredient. The egg noodles can be used either in dry form or otherwise need to be cooked in boiling water.